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How It Works?

Paws In Crown made the order process incredibly quick and easy for you.


  • Select the portrait style.
  • Select the print material, size and other options based on your choice.
  • Upload your pet photo using the upload button on the product page. Make sure your photo follows our Photo Guidelines listed below!
  • Add to Cart and place your order. You are all set!
  • We'll go through an in-house quality check to ensure your unique furry friend artwork is absolutely perfect.

If you want a custom design portrait  please select “FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE PET PORTRAIT”, follow the same instructions and add your art notes to describe more about your custom creation.


  • Our artists will create your personalized pet portrait with care and attention.
  • We use proprietary design techniques, transformative photo re-touching and professional blending processes in our design house to produce your canvas art. We do not paint from scratch.
  • We'll go through an in-house quality check to ensure your unique furry friend artwork is absolutely perfect.


  • We'll print your furry friend portrait .
  • Once we have done one last quality check, we'll carefully package your order and ship it to your address.
  • You'll receive your tracking number as soon as we ship it.


  • Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet
  • It works best if the pet is looking away from the camera
  • Try to make it a close up, so we can see your pet's unique features
  • Outdoor natural daylight always results in the best photos. Try to avoid bad lighting!
  • Avoid uploading blurry photos
  • Make sure no ears are out of frame!

Please Note: We use the exact photo you upload with your order, during our artwork creation process. So make sure that the angle works well with your chosen portrait template, that the fur color is true to real life, and that you are happy with the photo you upload. We do try to adhere to any notes added to orders but cannot guarantee it.

I.E we can indeed remove red eye, but we can't make your pet's mouth open, if it is closed in the photo.

If we receive a photo that doesn't follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final edit will come out as you want it to. We cannot offer replacements in these cases, so take your time to take a good photo.

Note that all examples on site were made from high quality photos. It's your responsibility to make sure the photo you provide meets our guidelines. If it doesn't we will try our best to produce a high level finish but generally your result will not match that shown on our website.

While we do try to review all photos we receive, sometimes our order volume demands that we increase product production levels and therefore this stage is often skipped. That's why it's so important that you provide a photo that is of a high quality.