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Pet Rescue Mission

Hi Pet Rescue Center Families,

There are many people and organizations that suddenly have a new or increased needs due COVID-19 pandemic. We all are suffering from this pandemic. We know how hard it is for Pet Rescue Centers to generate donations when everything is canceled or closed.

Our goal is to provide as much as it possible for our furry friends. This is why we created an affiliate program to help our rescue center partners. It is totally free with no minimum to participate. We see it as a social project during hard times.

We create an affiliate link from our website for each pet rescue center and when customers use that link to enter our website, our system automatically records those orders under our affiliated rescue center and calculate donation amount per item.

Every affiliated rescue center can see their live donation data after we set up affiliate links by signing in to our website's admin panel. We also provide free digital portraits for the pets who have been waiting for homes for a long time.


Donation Data

To participate our affiliate program simply register on our website with the email address you would like to link with your affiliate account and contact us about your interest for joining our affiliate program.

After we confirm and provide your affiliate link, you can share it on social media, your website, other platforms that you would like to share. When the customers enters our website from your affiliate link, our system will automatically record those orders under your affiliate account and calculate donations.

You can choose to receive donations weekly or monthly based on your preferences. We can either mail a check or pay from PayPal. Unless otherwise requested, donation proceedings will be paid between the 1st and 5th of every month.

***Due to increased Pet Rescue Center Affiliates & reduced operational costs , we increased our donation amounts per order item as follows;
Digital Files -  $7 per item
Rolled Canvas Prints - $14 per item
Framed Canvas Prints - $14 per item
Acrylic Prints - $20 per item
Wood Prints - $16 per item
Metal Prints - $16 per item
Pillows - $8 per item
Blankets - $15 per item
Puzzles - $10 per item
Mugs - $4 per item 

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


Paws in Crown Team